How Auditory Processing Can Help Your Child Listen Better

//How Auditory Processing Can Help Your Child Listen Better

How Auditory Processing Can Help Your Child Listen Better

As parents review their children’s recent report cards, they may begin to wonder why their child is not performing up to their potential. The teacher may have made comments about their child’s behavior in class, or made observations about difficulty with reading, spelling, and comprehension. The answer may be one assessment away.

Auditory processing assessments are an important piece of the puzzle if a child is having difficulty learning. Auditory processing refers to what we do with what we hear. Individuals with auditory processing difficulty often do not recognize subtle differences in words especially in a noisy environment or when listening to complex information. The cause of APD is often unknown but may be associated with conditions such as attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder, specific language impairment, dyslexia, or developmental delay.

Children with auditory processing difficulty typically have normal hearing and intelligence, but may present with the following difficulties:

  • poor listening skills
  • low academic performance
  • behaviour problems
  • language difficulty (e.g. confusing syllable sequences, developing vocabulary, and understanding language)
  • paying attention to and remembering information
  • following multi-step directions
  • needing more time to process information
  • difficulty with reading, comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary

An audiologist will administer tests to determine how the child processes auditory information in less than ideal listening situations (e.g. in the presence of background noise, when speech is not clear, and when multiple people are talking simultaneously).

If a delay or disorder is identified, an individualized treatment plan is created to help strengthen areas on concern. Our experienced team of professionals also offer interdisciplinary therapies and support during after school and summer sessions.

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