Preparing for Snowbird Travel

//Preparing for Snowbird Travel

Preparing for Snowbird Travel

Snowbirds who travel south for the winter to the warmer “sun belt” states in the US or similar, warmer locales, are tasked with a long to-do list before they can leave.

Here are a few important things to remember before your trip down South.


  • See your physician, dentist, and optometrist at least 90 days before traveling to make sure your prescriptions are up to date
  • Be sure to get your annual flu shot
  • Make sure to renew your provincial/territorial health card if it’s set to expire during the time you’re gone
  • Don’t forget to bring copies of your prescriptions in case anything needs replacing, or to show border officials
  • Invest in travel medical insurance, in case your health plan provides minimal coverage outside of Canada
  • Bring proof of any pet immunizations or licensing for service animals, if traveling with your pet


  • Put your telephone line on “vacation service” or routinely check/erase messages
  • Let a reliable friend or neighbor know you will be away, so they can check your mail, shovel any snow, or take care of any lawn maintenance
  • Turn on any automatic timers for lights so people think you are home in the evening, and ensure outside motion detector lights are functioning
  • Put any valuables in a safety deposit box
  • Put wood in the tracks of your sliding doors
  • Turn off water supply and drain plumbing system if applicable
  • Unplug your refrigerator, microwave, television, clocks, etc.


  • Consider keeping your important travel documents (passport, credit cards, identification) in a travel wallet around your neck or waist
  • Make two copies of all of your documents, including the contents of your wallet (keep one with a friend at home)
  • Bring any residency documents, like your resident card or provincial health insurance card
  • Notify your credit card company of your travel, and make sure your cards are not expiring soon
  • Carry a small amount of currency for the place you are visiting for tipping and taxis

To see a full checklist of items to check before your snowbird travel, check out the CSA Traveller’s Checklist for Canadians.

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