Still Struggling to Communicate with Hearing Aids?

//Still Struggling to Communicate with Hearing Aids?

Still Struggling to Communicate with Hearing Aids?

At Lakeside Hearing, we are dedicated to providing excellent service to you and your hearing aids as well as your hearing needs. This may include additional time educating hearing aid wearers on how to manage in complex environments.

A specialized service, called aural rehabilitation, focuses on adjusting to your hearing loss, making the best of your hearing aids, managing conversations and taking charge of your communication.

Our Aural Rehab program includes speechreading, conversation styles and communication strategies, stress management and education on assistive listening devices. We are able to cater this program based on individual needs, ages and severity of hearing loss. It is designed to help you in everyday conversations as well as in the presence of background noise. Some environments are difficulty to manage in and we understand that. You will also learn a variety of communication strategies to help you in different types of environments, including the noisy ones!

This program is meant to improve hearing and communication in all your favorite environments and situations including restaurants, meetings, telephone conversations, and at home.

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