Traveling Tips for the Hearing Impaired

//Traveling Tips for the Hearing Impaired

Traveling Tips for the Hearing Impaired

Planning for a trip is stressful enough. Trying to plan a trip with a hearing impediment can make things doubly stressful. By taking a few key things into consideration, you’ll know exactly what to expect for your upcoming trip, and you’ll be readily equipped for a safe and easy ride.

Understand Your Itinerary To Know What to Bring

Are you flying someplace tropical? International? For how long? Memorize your itinerary backward and forwards to know how many hearing aid batteries to pack, whether or not to carry a dry-aid kit (in case the hearing aid gets wet), and whether to bring any additional accessories, like an assisted listening device (ALD) to help you diminish background noise.

And don’t forget to bring any cleaning tools you’ll need, like a brush, cloth, and wax kit.

Notify The Appropriate Parties if You Need Assistance

If you’re traveling by plane, make sure to notify your airline 48 hours before your trip or at the time of booking if you’ll need assistance. You can also request that someone from the airline staff notify you when your flight is ready to board. It’s also a good idea to get flight alerts sent to your phone so you’re not straining to hear boarding announcements.  

Insure Your Hearing Aid

Check with your audiologist to make sure your hearing aid is insured in case of any loss, theft, or damage during your trip.

Be Prepared for Security Check-In

You may hear a humming sound when passing through security, but you won’t need to remove your hearing aid to pass through (nor will you need to remove it on the plane). If you have an assisted listening device, however, that will need to be put through x-ray screening.

Enjoy your trip!


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